The Stoj

Theo Stojanov is a film and media production researcher based in Montreal. His background is in music, computer science, and sound engineering, and he is currently a doctoral student in Film and Moving Image Studies at Concordia University, where his work involves a critical examination of the socio-technical entanglements within the creative industries between creative practices, policies, and people. Practising enactive ethnography, whereby the researcher is embedded in the object of research as a practitioner, Theo’s thesis focuses on the film and television dubbing industry in Quebec and its culture of production. In an era of transnational media flows and ever-increasing tempos of work, Theo asks what conclusions can be drawn about the local culture industries and the global texts they participate in producing.

Theo holds a Concordia graduate fellowship and his research is funded by a grant from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – société et culture (FRQSC).

Research Interests:

  • Media Industry Studies & Production Cultures
  • Ethnography
  • Political Economy of Communications
  • Propaganda, Influence, and Nudge Theory
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Burmese Cinema
  • Interactive Documentary Production
  • Sound, Audio Engineering
  • Media Archives & Restoration
  • Animation & Augmented Reality